The Firm’s Head is Mr. Guillermo MacLoughlin Bréard, an expert in accounting, administrative and tax issues.  

CPA (University of Buenos Aires), Master’s Degree in Economics and Administration (Eseade) and Visiting Professor at CEMA, and the Universities of Belgrano, El Salvador and UCES.

Among the activities he performs, Mr. Guillermo MacLoughlin Bréard currently works as:

• CEO or member of the board of different companies.
• Editor of “The Southern Cross” newspaper.
• Account Reviewer for the International Law Association, Argentine Branch.
• Member of the Rural Affairs Committee of the Argentine Council for International Relationships (CARI).
• Member of the Tax Committee of the Buenos Aires & La Pampa Confederation of Rural Associations (CARBAP).
• Member of the Argentine Academy for Arts and Communications.
• Member of the Academy del Plata.
• Historian & genealogist, member of several local and foreign academic institutions.
• Contributor to many publications and to the media.

Mr. MacLoughlin Bréard has also performed as:

• Deputy Secretary of Coordination for the Ministry of Education of the Province of Corrientes.
• Congress Secretary in the Argentine House of Deputies.
• Consultant to the Argentine Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade.
• Advisor to the Argentine Deputy Finance Minister.
• Tax Advisor to the Argentine Rural Society.
• Board Secretary of S.A. La Nación (“La Nación” newspaper).
• Statutory Auditor of ExpoAgro UTE (La Nación Campo + Clarín Rural).
• Statutory Auditor of De S.A. (Argentina, Chile, Colombia and U.S.A.).
• Member of IDEA’s Tax Committee.
• Member of the Tax and Forest Production Committees of the Argentine Rural Society.
• Member of the Farming Tax Committee of the Professional Council of Economic Science.
• Statutory Auditor of Compañía Inversora en Medios de Comunicación S.A. (Cimeco) (owner of “La Voz del Interior” and “Los Andes” newspapers).
• Statutory Auditor of Vinares S.A.
• Account Reviewer of Fundación Amigos de Colombia (Fundacol).
• Consultant to Negocios S.A., a business consulting firm.
• Honorary Advisor to the Irish and Colombian Embassies.
• Director of the Confederation of Rural Associations of Buenos Aires and La Pampa (Confederación de Asoc. Rurales de Buenos Aires y La Pampa, CARBAP).
• Statutory Auditor of Mercado de Liniers S.A.
• Consultant of the World Bank
• Partner of Transportes Carreteros S.R.L.
• Partner of Estudio Legeren – Contadores Públicos.
• Partner of Estudio Toranzos Torino, Vallejos & Asociados.
• Manager of Ingeniería y Vivienda S.R.L. Head of Personnel of Digiorgio Construcciones.